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All Certifications preparation material is for renowned vendors like Cloudera, MapR, EMC, Databricks,SAS, Datastax, Oracle, NetApp etc , which has more value, reliability and consideration in industry other than any training institutional certifications.

Apache Spark :  Apache Spark is new and Fastest data processing engine for BigData world, after Hadoop its becoming more popular in Industry(recently demand increased a lot). Now using power of Hadoop and Spark. Hence, data processing speed has dramatically increased. So if you wish to work in/with BigData then Learning Spark is a must even for becoming data scientist., HadoopExam Learning Resources launched low cost material for in depth learning of Spark in the form of Spark Professioanl Training with Hands on practice sssions and helping you to get certified with most popular Apache Spark Certification conducted by Oreilly and Databricks only. So without delaying start preparing or prove your skills of Apache Spark, subscribe to our trainings and certification material with special discount of unbeatable price. You can request free updates as well, whenever it is done.
  1. Apache Spark Professional Training with Hands On Lab Sessions : $89/3900INR
  2. : $65/2900INR
  3. Hortonworks Spark Developer Certification ($99/3999INR)
  4. Cloudera CCA175 Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification ($89/3999INR)

 Cloudera┬« Certfications Preparation Kits and Trainings
  1. CCA 175 : Cloudera® Hadoop & Spark Developer : 95 Solved Scenarios
  2. CCA159: Cloudera® Data Analyst Certification : 73 Solved Scenarios
  3. CCA131 : Cloudera Hadoop Administrator Certification : 92 Solved Scenarios
  4. CCP:DE 575 : Cloudera Hadoop Data Engineer : 79 Solved Scenarios
  5. CCA 500 : Hadoop Admin Certification : 250+ Practice Questions
  6. Training : CDH : Cloudera Hadoop Admin Beginner Course-1 : 30 Training Modules

About Hortonworks Certification :  Hortonworks is one of the leader in providing BigData solution through their own HDP platform. To check candidates proficiency or skills for HDP platform they have various certification exams. HDPs most of the exam are HandsOn exam other than HCA (Hortonworks Certified Associate). All the exam aspirant has to solve given tasks on HDP cluster. In each exam there are approx 10-12 problem scenario would be given and needs to be solved in 2 Hrs. Being an HandsOn exam, these certifications has high value in industry, becuase it require real hands on experience to solve given scenario. Hence to help you, HadoopExam is providing from scratch how to setup environment to practice scenarios.. HadoopExam also provides the complementary videos, where we guide you how to solve problems and setup the environment. Currently we have following certification preparation material available. 
  1. HDPCD : Hadoop (HDP) No Java Certification : 74 Solved Scenarios
  2. HDPCD-Spark : HDP Certified Developer : 65 Solved Scenarios
  3. HDPCA : HDP Certified Administrator : 57 Solved Scenarios

Data Science: Data Science is one of the most demanding field, currently and we are providing following products to become a data scientist from one of the popular organization in the data world EMC
  1. Data Science Certification EMC E20-007 (Data Science Associate) 
  2. EMC Data Science Specialist (E20-065)

MapR Certifications : MapR is another most popular BigData solution provider based on Hadoop. These are the following certifications, which HadoopExam is providing currently.

AWS Certifications : In the Cloud computing world , Amazon is a pioneer and most used Cloud Computing solutions.  Currently there are following products are provided bt HadoopExam for the AWS trainings and certifications preparation. We have been providing this matrial since last approx 5 years and many 1000s of learners already using our material to grow in their career.

IBM BigData Architect : This is a multiple choice exam conducted by IBM for a BigData Architect. IBM also has Hadoop framework known as BigInsight and they will be asking Question based on BigInsight, however it is very similar to Hadoop only, because they are using Apache Hadoop framework only. As you know, IBM is the oldest and one of the matured software vendor and they have more penetration in the Industry, compare to any other BigData vendor. Hence, certifying yourself as a BigData Architect for IBM, ceratinly have high value in industry. 

How to Activate Exam Question Bank ?

To activate the Hadoop exam simulator, you should perform the following steps:

  1. Once you buy the simulator, send the request to get full version of simulator from admin@hadoopexam.com and hadoopexam@gmail.com
  2. Once you receive the full version of simulator, you have to install it in your windows machine and follow the below steps from simulator.
  3. Click To Activate -- > Activate (In Menu). The Activation screen is displayed.
  4. To activate the exam simulator :
    1. Copy the Product Key from text box.
    2. Send this product key to admin@hadoopexam.com and  hadoopexam@gmail.com   with following details
      1. Name : Your Name
      2. Email Id : youremailid@domain.com (Email id Should be same which you used while purchsing)
      3. Simulator Key : (Simulator Key of Your Computer)
      4. Transaction ID : (Traction Id while purchasing your product)
    3. HadoopExam Administrator will send you back your activation key according to your product key (It will take at max 24 Hrs.) Email will come with full Instruction
    4. Click Activate and paste key 1, Key 2, Key 3, Key 4 and Key 5 in corresponding text box and Click Save Activation Key then Restart the Application If your  key is valid then your Exam Question Bank  is Activated .

NOTE: It will take some time to generate your Activation Key (at max 24 Hrs.)

Watch the Video for Activation Help : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbfuYzTA_Bg

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Free Resources to Download

Portal for free Interview Questions : http://qa.training4exam.com/

Hadoop Interview Questions Book : http://HadoopExam.com/Hadoop_Interview_question.pdf

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Hadoop Interview Questions Book : http://HadoopExam.com/Hadoop_Interview_question.pdf

Hive Interview Questions PDF : http://hadoopexam.com/Apache_Hive_Interview_Questions.pdf

Apache Flume Tutorial (web) : http://hadoopexam.com/hadoop_tutorial/apache_flume/1_What_is_Apache_Flume_Sources.html

Hadoop developer trial version : http://hadoopexam.com/HadoopDeveloperCertification_trial_version.zip

Hadoop Administrator Trial Version : http://hadoopexam.com/HadoopAdmin_windows_1_0_0.zip

To Download Hadoop Training Brochure Click Here 

Hadoop Training Module 1 :  Introduction to BigData, Hadoop (HDFS and MapReduce)

Video URL : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R-qjyEn3bjs

Module 2 :  Deep Dive in HDFS : Available (Length 48 Minutes)

Video URL : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PK6Im7tBWow

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