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Question 1: How frequently CCA175 questions or syllabus updates?
Question 2: If I found any issue, with scheduling of CCA175 exam, whom should I contact?
Question 3: I am using Scala for my CCA175 certification, but as I know for submitting application in Scala/Java, I need to first create a Jar out of my code. It will take lot of time and I am not sure that tools will be available to create Jar file, duri
Question 4: Which version of Spark is used in CCA175 certification?
Question 5: I am quite comfortable using Sqoop and I practiced all the 111 questions of CCA175, given here. But I cannot remember all the options used in Sqoop import and export command, what to do in this case?
Question 6: Cloudera introduce another exam for Data Analyst CCA159, does it make any difference with the existing CCA175 exam?
Question 7: What exactly is the CCA175, 111 question pattern and HadoopExam.com problem scenario follow the same pattern?
Question 8: Does Cloudera ask, which particular tool to be used for solving given problem scenario?
Question 9: Why Cloudera mentioned Python and Scala both in their syllabus?
Question 10: Does HCatalog will be available for CCA175 exam?
Question 11: Problem with the real CCA175 exam?
Question 12: During the CCA175 real exam, CDH cluster will be in running state or stopped state?
Question 13: What all Python and Scala programming related tools will be available in CCA175 exam?
Question 14: How big of the cluster and data size in real CCA175 exam?
Question 15: During the real CCA175 exam, what other things cannot be done?
Question 16: I am taking CCA175 exam from my home and I use routine internet connection available my home. Somehow network is not available in the middle of exam then what?
Question 17: Does each question is depend on any other question, in real CCA175 exam?
Question 18: Do I need to do any configuration before attempting any solution like copying hive-site.xml file on Spark conf directory, so I can use Hive in Spark SQL?
Question 19: I am preparing for CCA175 certification exam and I found below error “WARN metastore.ObjectStore: Failed to get database default, returning NoSuchObjectException”
Question 20: How do I prepare for CCA175 Hadoop and Spark Developer certification?
Question 21: What do you think, how the scoring is done in CCA175 real exam?
Question 22: I have not received my badge after clearing CCA175 real exam to be uploaded in LinkedIn?
Question 23: Is it required to attend Cloudera provided training for this CCA175 certification exam?
Question 24: In my scoresheet I saw question attempt is missed and even I got credit for that question?

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