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In this article we will be discussing about certification exam conducted by Cloudera Inc. As of now Cloudera has below four certifications and focusing a particular career path, which had been a very popular big data certifications in 2017 and 2018 also their contents for certifications are quite dynamic. As they continuously update syllabus of this certification exams. Hence, you need preparatory material for these exam where you can always get updated material. So let’s discuss each certification path its focus and industry value.

Cloudera CCA175 Hadoop and Spark Developer Certifications    Cloudera CC159 Hadoop Analytics Certification     Cloudera Hadoop Admin Certification     Cloudera Hadoop Data Engineer Certification     Cloudera Hadoop Admin CCA500 Certification      Cloudera CCD410 Hadoop Certification    Cloudera HBase Certification     Hadoop Certification Package Deal

1.Developer focused exam that is CCA175: This certification exam is also known as CLOUDERA HEDOOP and spark developer. In this exam it is expected that development activity is accomplished. Hence Cloudera are asking to write spark code using either Scala or python programming language. However is not expected from you to write entire program from scratch they will give you half written program which you need to complete it. So that expected answer can be matched. Please note that answer should exact match which is given in the program statement otherwise you will not get mark for that question. You need to write approximately 3 to 4 such program. In other questions you will be asked to write code which is not a kind of writing full program but rather write commands for import and export different kind of data using SQOOP for that you will be provided with the RDBMS like MySQL database and you need to import data from database to HDFS file system or somewhere in HDFS so that it can be easily read by hive. You may also be asked to read stream of data using FLUME. Other than that you should also be quite comfortable writing queries like joining of data selecting data applying conditions to filter the data it is very similar to you do in database world. But you have to do in spark SQL so practically it is not difficult to do if you do little practice before the exam.

Yes this is an exam for developer so it is expected you know how to pass command line arguments while doing import and export of the data so you need to know how to increase the memory during this operation. Overall this exam CCA175 is not that difficult if you have properly prepared for it and practice well to accomplish this exam activity on time and have a good exposure to use given tools. So I would recommend please go through below training material which is regularly updated based on latest syllabus and outdated materials are being removed. As well as practice scenarios given by HadoopExam.com . Please check below for that

2.Data analyst certification CCA159: This certification exam is focused for the candidate or Learners who has career path becoming data analyst and knows how to play with the data. So the main focus in this exam is on using hive and impala and certainly it is recommended you to write and understand impala in detail as well as knows how to play with the data. So write queries using Hive and Impala also make aware yourself with functions for better expected results. Most of the time you need to know the available functions in impala and how to use that. Writing query is one part for this exam other part is you should also be able to convert the data in particular format before using it. As you know in big data or data can be in various formats which cannot be directly used with the Impala and Hive. Before using the data you should give structure to the data and set its datatype. Another section for this exam is quite common between developer and analyst exam like importing and exporting data to and from RDBMS like MySQL using Sqoop. Again this exam is not as difficult as developer exam(If you don’t know programming) but you should be having prior knowledge of using SQOOP, Hive, impala and doing the import export from RDBMS. To prepare for this exam you should have good hands on (it mean practiced well) so consider using following products which are regularly updated based on the current syllabus of the exam as well as outdated material will be removed to avoid any confusion and remain focused.

3.CCA131 Cloudera Hadoop Administrator: This is one the most popular certification exam in the BigData administrator world and certainly it will help you to get higher salary and reputation in industry. This is one of the highest paying jobs in big data world because admin activity for managing the cluster is quite complicated however it was made easy when you use tools provided by Cloudeara. So you should be aware what all basic things are required for Operating system or how to prepare Linux operating system to install Cloudera Hadoop platform also known as CDH on it. Once you are able to configure operating systems your next step will be how to create local archive which will be used by Cloudera CDH cluster to install all required software from that repository. As in the cluster all the nodes should have same version of the tools across node for better functionality. Once archive is created you will be using that archive for your entire cluster to set up if you know how to set up few node cluster then you can set up as big as required the cluster (However, you should be able to monitor that as well). You need to know various configuration parameters when and where these configurations parameters should be placed/used and what should be an ideal value for that parameter etc. it is preferred that you use the parcels to install software. So as you know this exam is for admin activity on big data solutions and very lucrative profile this is in very high demand and having certification is an edge. Because this exam is Hands on exam. Which make sure that you have really worked upon creating the cluster and have a good idea working with the cluster. So to prepare for the certification exam use the below material which is regularly updated and outdated content will be removed based on revision of the syllabus. HadoopExam.com had very good experience for these exams as we are providing material since last 5+ years

Once you complete above material you would be very comfortable to clear your real exam. This exam certainly has a lot of value in industry and there is lack of big data admin resources. Generally not an individual work as a big data admin but there is a team to work on Hadoop Admin. Because knowledge required is networking, operating system, and big data ecosystem how individual software can be installed and configured to provide proper functionality. But without thinking of this difficulties it is recommended if you have done. Any basic admin activity then please start preparing for the certification it has a great value

4.CCPDE575 Cloudera Certified Data Engineer: CCPDE575 Cloudera certified data engineer certification, this exam is mainly higher version of CCA 1 75 exam. However, in this exam you are not expected to write spark Scala and python programming code but you will be asked more complex scenarios to work upon like ingest transfer cleaning formatting and analyzing data using CDH tools like Sqoop, flume, OOzie workflow engine. Activity you would be completing is will be more complex and lengthy so let's consider what you need to do in short.

Similar to other exam you should be able to import and export data from RDBMS to hdfs. Once you are done you need to format the data and apply the data types and convert into the required format.

You should be able to transform data and join with other available data to get in proper format before analyzing the data like merging data removing the duplication from the data, remove unwanted records etc. for that you have to convert you’re in Parquet or avro file format.

You can do all this activity but you will be asked to create workflow and schedule that workflow for that you will be using OOzie workflow engine.

Against similar to analyst exam you should be able to write Complex queries to accomplish given activities using Hive, Impala, pig etc.

So overall you can say it is a mastery exam for using Cloudeara tools. However, Cloudeara does not recommend any particular tool to be used. You can use any tool on which you are comfortable but expected results should exact match. Again to prepare for this exam you should consider following products which are regularly updated.

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