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Cloudera CCA131 Certifications: Cloudera Hadoop Admin

Cloudera CCA131 Certifications: Cloudera Hadoop Admin

In this article we will be talking about Cloudera Hadoop administration certification exam this exam is focused for doing admin activity using Cloudera CDH cluster. Every Hadoop solution provider has their own way of managing and creating Hadoop cluster. They have used Hadoop Apache open source version to create their own solution. Like Hortonworks has HDP Cloudera has CDH, MapR has it's own Hadoop version so generally people get certified on the product they are working on or they are willing to worked upon. Cloudera is one of the most popular Hadoop solution provider even you can say it is a Pioneer for Hadoop solution. So it has been used by many companies globally. So day by day demand for CDH administrator is increasing. Because of that people are having more interest towards getting certified in Cloudera CDH product. During the exam you need to set up new cluster node, and do the Optimization setting as well as basic security related things you need to implement. in the exam you are not expected to create cluster from scratch rather you need to use one of the available node to create cluster also you need to attach and detach new node. as you will be setting up new node Hence you should be aware what basic configuration is require call operating system before creating any new node for Hadoop cluster. Next you will be asked to do various configuration like setting up high availability for various components as well as for namenode. Next unit should be able to load balancing cluster so you need to understand how to do setup for yarn etc.

Next you you should be able to do the security setup like encryption of selected data, setting up authorization, query redaction, and applying access control list etc.

You should know how to run command using https, you may need to copy data from one cluster to another cluster. Also you will be asked to I have some performance Optimization parameter available memory and CPU you need to set.

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During the cluster setup you may get lot of warnings and errors which should not be having while submitting your final solution. You must clear all this error and warning and finally able to configure scheduler to be used by yarn (yet another resource negotiator).

Now the question is how to prepare for the certification exam the best way is you should focus what is being asked in the exam. Hence, you should follow the following material for creating 4 node cluster your own and optimizing as well. So you would be provided with the training as well as 92 solved scenarios with the complementary videos. Please follow below most popular products which are regularly updated and outdated contents are removed to avoid any confusion.

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