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CCA175 Certification exam with Python or Scala Program

CCA175 Certification exam with Python or Scala Program

In this article we will be discussing about CCA175 (Hadoop and Spark developer) certification exam Spark programming questions. It is confusing that for this certifications in the syllabus, it is mentioned that you will be asked problem scenarios in Python or Scala programming language. So generally aspirants are getting confused that they need to learn both the programming language to clear CCA175 certification exam. But this is not the case, you should know only one of the programming language either Scala or Python (even expertise of this language is not expected from you on this language). During the exam you will be given a program in either of this language. Like they will give you two things one is expected output and 2nd one is half written program that can be in either Python or Scala. Now you have to choose, whether you want to use same program to get the expected output. If you don’t know or not comfortable with the given programming language then you can write entire program from scratch in your choice of programming language to get given output. However make sure that your output should exact match which is expected in the given question. Now let’s see one of the example below how thing works in reality.

Sample (from HadoopExam.com CCA175 simulator) half or less completed program in Scala programming language and expected output



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If you know Scala then complete this program to match the output. If you don’t know Scala then write entire program using python to match the output.

The advantage of using same programming language as given in the question can save a lot of time rather than writing the entire program from scratch. But you don’t know the programming of given question then you don’t have a choice rather than writing the entire program to match the output. 

So now the question is how to prepare for such a scenario so you would be very comfortable for giving your real exam. For that you can use regularly updated certification preparation material and trainings. 

I hope I am able to clear this confusion. Wish you all the best for your certification and career ahead. If you find any other updates than please add in below comment section, it will be helpful for other candidates as well.

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