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Question 21: What do you think, how the scoring is done in CCA175 real exam?

Answer: As you knwo, CCA-175 exam is a hands-on, scenario-driven test. You will be asked to solve problems. The grading will be based on the solutions that you provide. Cloudera do not evaluate the tools or the code that you used to solve the problems.

Can you use Hive, SparkSQL, Pig or Spark API ? Yes. It may be possible to solve every one of the problems on the exam using just single tool like Spark if you are an expert on that particular tool. However, practically it is not possible and correct, if that is the case then why so many tools around Hadoop exists. There may be better tools for interacting with the Hive metastore to do DDL, such as Impala, Hive, HUE, HCatalog, etc. Similarly, the coding questions will give you PySpark templates to add code to. You may not have enough time in the exam to code everything from scratch in Spark. Regarding Pig, it is not listed in the Required Skills, because there will not be a specific question where you are required to use Pig on the exam. The Required Skills section contains this line:

“Use Data Definition Language (DDL) to create tables in the Hive metastore for use by Hive and Impala.”

There is no contradiction. This is a "problem solving exam" as opposed to a "tools exam". You should be able to use any of available tools to generate solutions, as we mentioned previously as well of your choice and scoring is not done, which tool you have used.

So now the question is how to prepare for such a scenario so you would be very comfortable for giving your real exam. For that you can use regularly updated certification preparation material and trainings. 

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