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Question 3: You have been given following code written in Scala and Spark Below is the content for IBM.csv file





Now you have written following code, in interactive shell

val myRDD = sc.textFile("data.csv")

val splittedRDD = myRDD.map(_.split(","))

val distinctRDD = splittedRDD.map(x=>(x[0],1)).distinct()

val priceDataRDD = myRDD.map(x=>(x[1]))

In above program, which of the following RDD should be cached.

1. myRDD

2. splittedRDD

3. distinctRDD

4. priceDataRDD

Correct Answer: 1 Exp: If we are using same RDD, again and again then it is advisable to cache or persist the same. Cached RDD has already been computed and the data is already in memory. We can reuse this RDD without using any additional compute or memory resources.

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