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Question 5: Which of the following is a correct way to create an RDD, assume sc is an instance of SparkContext (API syntax are given not correct)

A. sc.textFile("Path to a text file")

B. sc.sequenceFile()

C. sc.hadoopRDD()

D. sc.hadoopFile()

E. sc.loadSequenceFile()

1. A,B,C

2. B,C,D

3. C,D,E

4. A,D,E

5. A,C,E

Correct Answer: 1 Exp: Apache Spark API supports various file format to be loaded as an RDD. For example

textFile() : It reads the file and will return an RDD that contains one record per line

wholeTextFile() : it helps you to read a directory containing multiple small text files and returns an RDD as (Key, FileContent). Filename as a key and

its content as a value

sequenceFile() : For reading sequence file

hadoopRDD() : to read hadoop format files

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