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Spark Version: Currently MapR Certification is using Spark 1.6 version. So be careful, you prepare for that specific version. (Let us know, if they have changed the exam with newer version, so our tech team look into that and inform you about product updates)

Spark Training: HadoopExam has created a Spark Training which covers core Spark to Advanced Spark almost all or more than 90% topics from this certifications. Hence, this is very useful training, you have to hardly spend 20-30 hours with this Hands-On training to become Apache Spark expert. Everything is explained in detail and very minute detail is covered. Please visit below link for Spark Scala Professional Training. This is one of the highest subscribed training on HadoopExam platform.

Other Products: HadoopExam has various products for BigData, Cloud Computing, Analytics, SAS, Programming and Certifications related. You can get entire product lists on home page only.

Experience in Spark: It is good, if you have experience in Spark before appearing in this certification MapR recommends that you should have 6-12 months experience at-least. If you don’t have experience and not get an opportunity to work with Spark and want to enter in this high demanding technology that this training is very useful, which has hands on sessions included.

Successfully clearing the exam: We hope once, you complete following products for preparing MapR Spark certifications, you will be able to clear real exam.

Oreilly Databricks Spark Certification     Hortonworks HDPCD Spark Certification     Cloudera CCA175 Hadoop and Spark Developer Certifications    MCSD : MapR Certified Spark Developer  

  1. Apache Spark Professional Training with Hands On Lab Sessions 
  2. Oreilly Databricks Apache Spark Developer Certification Simulator
  3. Hortonworks Spark Developer Certification 
  4. Cloudera CCA175 Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification 


Watch below Training Video

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