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Eventually Consistent Reads

When you read data (GetItem, BatchGetItem, Query or Scan operations), the response might not reflect the results of a recently completed write operation (PutItem, UpdateItem or DeleteItem).

The response might include some stale data. Consistency across all copies of the data is usually reached within a second; so if you repeat your read request after a short time, the response returns the latest data. By default, the Query and GetItem operations perform eventually consistent reads, but you can optionally request strongly consistent reads. BatchGetItem operations are eventually consistent by default, but you can specify strongly consistent on a per-table basis. Scan operations are always eventually consistent. For more information about operations in DynamoDB, see Using the DynamoDB API.


Strongly Consistent Reads

When you issue a strongly consistent read request, DynamoDB returns a response with the most up-to-date data that reflects updates by all prior related write operations to which DynamoDB returned a successful response. A strongly consistent read might be less available in the case of a network delay or outage. For the query or get item operations, you can request a strongly consistent read result by specifying optional parameters in your request.

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