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Become Author and Trainer

Become Author and Trainer: We are looking for Author (Writing Technical Books) and Trainer (Creating Training Material): No Compromise on Quality. 

Benefit: You will get very good revenue sharing and much more. Reach to all the professional is in our network more than 50K+ . So your first release will automatically reach to 50K+ users on day1 of release, wow..

Your Skill : We are sure, you are good at least one technology. Don’t limit your potential, contact us immediately with your skill. Our expert team will contact you with more detail. You training and Books will reach to all our existing network and with our expert marketing team we will help you to reach as much as technical professional, with our Smart Advertising network. Contact us with sending an email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Opportunity to share your knowledge with all learners who are in need. We are helping many 1000's of learners since(from 2012) last many years and established ourselves with Quality low cost material.

Contact Us : Send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , with your resume

We will Contact You :  Once , we receive your resume our marketing and sales team will contact you. If, your resume is considered by our technical team.

Please fill in the Author/Trainer form

 Some of the sample technologies & topics we have listed , However, please consider your skill as well if that is not listed here. 

BigData Technologies Hadoop, Hive, Pig, Tej, Impala, Spark 2.0, Solr, Splunk etc.
Cloud Technologies AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Open Stack(Course List), Docker, Oracle Cloud etc.
Java/J2EE Weblogic, WebSphere, JBoss, WebService, Spring 4.0, Core Java 8, Java Performance Tuning etc.
Analytics SAS(Course List), Machine Learning , Data Science, Matlab, Natural Language Processing, IBM Watson etc.
Programming Language Java, Python, R, Scala, Ruby etc.
Mobile Technologies (Course List) Android, IOS, Windows, Mobile App Using Cloud, Sample Game Creation, Sample Application Creation etc.
Web Technologies AngularJS, EXtjS, NodeJs,
Visualization Tools Tableau, QlikView etc.
Database Oracle Admin, SQL Server Admin, MySQL Admin, SQL Developer, PL/SQL Devloper, Dataware House etc.


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Interested in Core Java Trainer Job
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