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SAS Business Intelligence : Course 6

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Training Course Name : SAS Business Intelligence : Course 6

Total Training Length Expected : 9-10 Hrs.

Still Available to Create: Yes

Can I write Book on this as well: Yes

SAS Version : 9.4 Onward only

Target Audience :  Business Analysts and Having Little/Heavy Experience on SAS

Contents Needs to be covered :

  • Use the information consumer applications in the platform for SAS Business Analytics
  • Explore the basic data management functionality available in the SAS platform
  • Explore the basic online analytical processing capabilities available in the SAS platform
  • Create and exploit dynamic value selection
  • Build advanced information maps using SAS Information Map Studio
  • Produce advanced stored processes
  • Create advanced SAS BI Dashboard applications
  • Examine the types of metadata created in the SAS platform
  • Consolidate information into a business reporting application.


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