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No valid privileges when using a cast on Hive

I'm getting a weird error when running any query with a `cast` as a non-admin on hive. For example:
    select cast(site_id as decimal) from test_table limit 5;
In that example, `site_id` is a `bigint`, but the column type and the type it's being cast as make no difference at all. The query runs fine in the absence of a `cast`, and the admin can run the query without issues as well. 
This is cdh 4.5.0, Hive 0.10.0.
Any ideas? Known issue? I found plenty of problems related to the error message, but none seem to apply to my particular situation

Are you using Sentry? If so, you will need to ask your admin to whitelist the cast function for use in queries. This was a known issue  in old versions, fixed via https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/SENTRY-118 in CDH4.6.0 and above (for the CDH4 line, soon to reach EOL) and CDH 5.1.0 and above (for CDH5). 

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