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Hive Query to share load over map and reducer

i have 3-files, say A,B,C with a common column in hdfs. Wrote Hadoop program to get results. Now, I'm trying to use Hive queries to get output on same files. I'm successful in getting the required o/p. But, failed to make use of reducer. Where as in Hadoop i did since, its java. How do i write a Hive query, in such a way that i could use reducer as well. Also, the time taken by Hive is comparatively more to Hadoop. But Hive is faster, from some reading i have done. Hive query i've executed isSELECT B.name, A.date, A.time, A.number, B.units FROM A JOIN B ON (A.id = B.id) WHERE A.person_id=142106;

Also, i would take opportunity to ask preferable link to understand hive concepts. Appreciate it.

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