235 Data Science Certification Practice Questions (CCP:DS200) + 150 Pages Revision Study Notes

Data Science certification realy needs a good and in depth knowledge of statistics cum BigData Hadoop knowledge. Hence to clear the real exam it realy needs very well preparation. So HadoopExam Learning Resources brings Data Science Certification Simulator with 235 Practice Questions as well as 150 Page Revision Study Notes, which can help you to prepare for this exam in lesser time. Practice - practice - practice! The CCP:DS200 Exam Simulator offers you the opportunity to take 4 sample Exams before heading out for the real thing. Be ready to succeed on exam day!

Bullet Points How Practice Questions are updated (Never Outdated)

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1. Almost all questions are covered from DS200 exam question pools.

2. Our expert regularly appear in  exam and simulator is updated

3. All Practice Questions are included from the creator of exams and official Practice Exam.

4. Always updated and correct/incorrect answers explanation

5. Record of 100% success ratio.

6. All possible exam questions are included in 235 Practice questions, so you would easily clear the exam in first attempt

7. Best revision notes (You will nowhere find it), revise whole syllabus in just 8 Hrs.

Below are the Data Science Certification video Sessions (Watch it in full screen mode)

EMC Data Science Certification Material
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Module-1 : EMC Data Science Certification 

Tutorial (E20-007)

Module 2 : Data Science and Machine Learning 

(EMC and Cloudera Certification)


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 Some of the important and difficult topics mentioned below are covered in the Practice Questions as well revision notes.

- logistic regression
- Beta distribution
- Chi2 distributions
- QR decomposition
- Sentiment analysis

- Outlier detection

- Laplace smoothing
- Lloyd's algorithm
- Eigenvectors
- L1, L2 Regularization
- Hidden Markof Models
- Simpson's paradox
- Area under ROC curve
- underflow, overflow

- "cost of clustering"
- "how well it fits the data"
- "least mutual information"
- Question on avro
- Question on flume
- Questions on map-reduce
- Questions on HDFS, sequence files, avro files
- Questions about wget or curl

If you score 75-80% in each paper of HadoopExam Simulator, we can assure, you will crack the exam.


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