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510+ SAS Base Certification Practice Questions  (Includes latest 9.4 edition as well)

SAS Base Programming Certification(A00-211) is easy but required extensive knowledge on huge syllabus e.g. functiion, statements, looping,  report, data management , error handling etc. Hence to clear the real exam it realy needs very well preparation. So HadoopExam Learning Resources brings SAS Base Certification Simulator with 400 Practice Questions , which can help you to prepare for this exam in lesser time. So Practice - practice - practice! The A0:211 Exam Simulator offers you the opportunity to take 6 sample Exams before heading out for the real thing. Be ready to succeed on exam day!

Bullet Points How Practice Questions are updated (Never Outdated)

A00-211 SAS Base Certification Certification Demo

1. Almost all similar questions are covered from A00-211 exam question pools.

2. Our expert regularly update the simulator.

3. All Practice Questions are included.

4. Always updated and correct/incorrect answers explanation

5. Record of 100% success ratio.

6. All possible exam questions are included in 400 Practice questions, so you would easily clear the exam in first attempt


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Click Here for SAS Advanced A00-212 Material
SAS Base Certification Professional Hands on Training :

SAS is one of the most popular technology for analytics world even for many more fields. No other software is close to SAS. SAS uses 4th generation programming language which is much easier and faster to learn compare to any other programming language. Even for recent BigData analytics, Machine learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence had become more popular and data scientists had become the highest paying job and even new release are being created line Chief Data Officer (CDO). So anybody who is working in the data must know SAS to grow in their career and first step towards this is always a certification and fundamental knowledge of language. Hence HadoopExam.com brings you a Hands On SAS Base Training which will help you not only for your Base SAS certification, but even make you master in SAS Base. Once you do or complete all the hands on session by your own given in our training you will become very comfortable in SAS Base programming. So start learning SAS BASE with HadoopExam.com premium trainings by getting subscription as below. Other important points about this training.

  • All the sessions have Hands On Lab
  • You dont need to have paid SAS software, entire training is given on SAS University Edition.
  • In less than 12 Hrs. you can complete entire training (Content length 11 Hrs. 30 Minutes), almost entire syllabus is covered.
  • It is based on latest SAS software edition 9.4. Hence, cover required SAS 9.4 features as well.
  • We kept session length around 20 minutes only, so you will not get tired by watching lengthy sessions.
  • PDF and data will be provided as part of training, so you can do hands on practice your own,
  • SAS University Edition Installation steps are provided (For Windows, same on other OS you can apply).
  • Watch the below demo sessions in full screen mode.
Check SAS Base Training Syllabus in PDF format

Package : Include below 3 Products (20% Discount)
  1. SAS Base Certification Professional Training
  2. SAS Base Certification Questions & Answer (490 Q&A) : A00-211
  3. SAS Advanced Certification Questions & Answer (350 Q&A) : A00-212
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  1. SAS Base Certification Professional Training
  2. SAS Base Certification Questions & Answer (490 Q&A) : A00-211
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Only SAS Base Certification Professional Training

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SAS Combo offer

SAS Base Certification Hands On Training    SAS A00-211 Certification    SAS A00-212 Certification Questions and Answers     SAS A00 240 Certification Material     SAS A00-250 Exam Material Certification     SAS Packaged Solutions

  1. SAS Base Certification Professional Training
  2. SAS Base Programming Certification(A00-211)
  3. SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 Credential
  4. SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling Credential
  5. SAS Certified Platform Administrator 9 (A00-250) Certification Practice Questions
  6. SAS Package Deal

Testimonials (See what our learner says)

Thirumalesh Enganti's profile photo

Hi there,
i have passed base sas with great score , looking for advanced sas exam practice test engine ...do you have one , happy to pay for that ...please let me know.


Name : Hidden 



I've cleared my Base-SAS certification (A00-211) with 94%. Your material was of great help. Keep up the good work !!!
Just wanted to know if you have something similar for SAS-Advanced (A00-212) as well. 
Please reply!
Tushar Subramaniam,
Thank you very much for the questions and answers practice tests. I have cleared my exams with 92%. The questions are very similar in format with the actual tests and the simulation tests have helped in giving the ability to solve the questions correctly along with the timer.
Thank you once again to hadoop exams.
Swarna Pappu

Vinoth Jaya's profile photo
Vinoth Jaya

Thanks for the material and simulation exam. I have cleared my exam with 91%. I believe Exam no 5 is very hard in this simulator.

Thanks and much appreciated. 


I have appeared sas exam yesterday and got cleared.

ashok kumar's profile photo
ashok kumar

Some of the important and difficult topics mentioned below are covered in the Practice Questions .

* Accessing Data: Use FORMATTED and LIST input to read raw data files. Use INFILE statement options to control processing when reading raw data files. Use various components of an INPUT statement to process raw data files including column and line pointer controls, and trailing @ controls. Combine SAS data sets. Access an Excel workbook.

* Creating Data Structures: Create temporary and permanent SAS data sets. Create and manipulate SAS date values.Export data to create standard and comma-delimited raw data files. Control which observations and variables in a SAS data set are processed and output.

* Managing Data: Investigate SAS data libraries using base SAS utility procedures.Sort observations in a SAS data set.Conditionally execute SAS statements.Use assignment statements in the DATA step.Modify variable attributes using options and statements in the DATA step.Accumulate sub-totals and totals using DATA step statements.Use SAS functions to manipulate character data, numeric data, and SAS date values.Use SAS functions to convert character data to numeric and vice versa. Process data using DO LOOPS.Process data using SAS arrays. Validate and clean data.

* Generating Reports: Generate list reports using the PRINT procedure. Generate summary reports and frequency tables using base SAS procedures. Enhance reports through the use of user-defined formats, titles, footnotes and SAS System reporting. Generate reports using ODS statements.

* Handling Errors: Identify and resolve programming logic errors. Recognize and correct syntax errors. Examine and resolve data errors.

If you score 75-80% in each paper of HadoopExam Simulator, we can assure, 

you will crack the exam.

SAS (pronounced "sass", originally Statistical Analysis System) is an integrated system of software products, HadoopExam Learning Solution is a one of the best SAS Learning institute across the country for online/corporate trainings, we provide clinical SAS Training, Financial SAS Training etc. SAS stands for Statistical Analysis System, It got initiated in North Carolina State University for analyzing the agriculture research. With the success of the system, it then got officially launched in 1976 for the use in big pharmaceutical companies, banks and government bodies. These days, it is considered to be the best system for data management and statistical analysis. It can run on almost all the platforms, whether it is Windows or UNIX. SAS training gives birth to a vital need of educating and training the entire workforce to endure through this world of competition.

 If you are still thinking should I subscribe or not. We promise you will like our material compare to any other vendor, because we have proved our quality delivery at very minimal price (Almost 1/4th price compare to other training )

We have many products in BigData Domain including Training on Hadoop please visit site www.HadoopExam.com .

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