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All Certifications preparation material is for renowned vendors like Cloudera, MapR, EMC, Databricks,SAS, Datastax, Oracle, NetApp etc , which has more value, reliability and consideration in industry other than any training institutional certifications.
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Premium Trainings Courses :  HadoopExam focuses on in depth learning with the hands-on session setting up the environment than executing solution and doing hands on that. Below are the available trainings and we are keep adding new trainings. These trainings is being used and subscribed by Devloper, Tester, Administrator, Enterprise(to train their team) and Trainer globally. These trainings are well organized and step by step solutions to learning, and in lesser time as per your convenience you can complete these and even re-visit as required.

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Spark Professional Training   Spark SQL Hands Training   PySpark : HandsOn Professional Training    PySpark Structured Streaming   Apache NiFi (Hortonworks DataFlow) Training   Hadoop Professional Training   Cloudera Hadoop Admin Training Course-1  HBase Professional Traininghttp  SAS Base Certification Hands On Training OOzie Professional Training   AWS Solution Architect : Training Associate    AWS Exam Prepare : Kinesis Data Stream   Free Core Java 1Z0-808 Training   Scala Professional Training   Python Professional Training  Read Spark SQL Fundamental and Cookbookhttps://sites.google.com/training4exam.com/spark-sql-2-x-fundamentals/  Book : AWS Solution Architect Associate : Little Guide  NiFi CookBook By HadoopExam  AWS Security Specialization Certification: Little Guide SCS-C01   EBook Hortonworks HDPSCD2019 Spark Scala Certification Exam EBook Spark Scala Databricks Certification : CRT020 EBook Spark Scala Databricks Certification : CRT020

Interview Preparation (Video, Audio and Online books) : Included in Annual/Semi Annual/Quarterly Subscription 
Spark Interview Questions   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book  Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book  Apache NiFi Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book Apache Hadoop Interview Questions and Answers, this would be helpful in preparing Hadoop, HBase, Hive certifications. If you are looking for CCA175 and CCP:DE 575 Data Engineer certification courses then this is one of the best material to use. Apache Ambair Hadoop Admin Interview Questions and Answers SAS Base : Interview questions and Certification prepration

Apache Spark Training & Certifications:  Apache Spark is new and fastest data processing engine for Big Data world, after Hadoop it’s becoming more popular in Industry (recently demand increased a lot). Now using power of Hadoop and Spark. Hence, data processing speed has dramatically increased. So if you wish to work in/with Big Data then Learning Spark is a must even for becoming data scientist., HadoopExam Learning Resources launched low cost material for in depth learning of Spark in the form of Spark Professional Training with Hands on practice sessions and helping you to get certified with most popular Apache Spark Certification conducted by Oreilly and Databricks only. So without delaying start preparing or prove your skills of Apache Spark, subscribe to our trainings and certification material with special discount of unbeatable price. You can request free updates as well, whenever it is done.
 CRT020 Spark Scala Certification  CRT020 : PySpark Databricks Certification Hortonworks HDPSCD2019 Spark Scala Certification Exam Cloudera CCA175 Hadoop and Spark Developer Certifications MapR V2 Spark Developer Certification Exam

  1. CRT020 : Databricks Certified Associate Developer Apache Spark 2.4 with Scala 2.11 : Assessment Certification (Newly launched & Active)
  2. CRT020 : Databricks Certified Associate Developer for Apache Spark 2.4 with Python 3.0 - Assessment Certification (Newly launched & Active)
  3. Apache Spark Professional Training with Hands On Lab Sessions (Active)
  4. Hortonworks (HDPSCD Spark Scala) 2019 (Newly launched & Active)
  5. Cloudera CCA175 Hadoop and Spark Developer Certification (Active)
  6. MapR MCSD V2 : MapR® Certified Spark Developer V2 (Active)

Cloudera® Certifications Preparation Kits and Trainings: Cloudera is a pioneer for Hadoop Big Data framework and they have grown a lot since last a decade. Cloudera® solutions is being used a lot in industry. They had also converted all their certification exam from multiple choice to Hands-on exam. HadoopExam was the first one, who launched Cloudera certification material 5 years back and since than we have also grown and keeping in pace with Cloudera new certifications. We also provide industry class training used by more than 10000 learners across the globe. Check all the products below for more detail.  
Cloudera CCA175 Hadoop and Spark Developer Certifications    Cloudera CC159 Hadoop Analytics Certification     Cloudera Hadoop Admin Certification     Cloudera Hadoop Data Engineer Certification    Hadoop Certification Package Deal
  1. CCA 175 : Cloudera® Hadoop & Spark Developer : 95 Solved Scenarios
  2. CCA159: Cloudera® Data Analyst Certification : 73 Solved Scenarios
  3. CCA131 : Cloudera Hadoop Administrator Certification : 92 Solved Scenarios
  4. CCP:DE 575 : Cloudera Hadoop Data Engineer : 79 Solved Scenarios
  5. Training : CDH : Cloudera Hadoop Admin Beginner Course-1 : 30 Training Modules
  6. Hadoop Professional Training
  7. HBase Professional Training
  8. Hadoop Package Deal

About Hortonworks® Training & Certifications:  Hortonworks is one of the leader in providing Big Data solution through their own HDP platform. To check candidate’s proficiency or skills for HDP platform they have various certification exams. HDPs most of the exam are Hands-on exam other than HCA (Hortonworks Certified Associate). All the exam aspirant has to solve given tasks on HDP cluster. In each exam there are approx. 10-12 problem scenario would be given and needs to be solved in 2 Hrs. Being an Hands-on exam, these certifications has high value in industry, because it require real hands on experience to solve given scenario. Hence to help you, HadoopExam is providing from scratch how to setup environment to practice scenarios. HadoopExam also provides the complementary videos, where we guide you how to solve problems and setup the environment. Currently we have following certification preparation material available.

HDPCD_No Java Hortonworks Certificatoions Hortonwrks HDPCS Hadoop Admin Certifications Hortonworks HDPSCD2019 Spark Scala Certification Exam
  1. HDPCD : Hadoop (HDP) No Java Certification : 74 Solved Scenarios
  2. Hortonworks (HDPSCD Spark Scala) 2019 (Newly launched & Active)
  3. HDPCA : HDP Certified Administrator : 57 Solved Scenarios
  4. Hortonworks Certification Package Deal
  5. HDPCD-Spark : HDP Certified Developer : 65 Solved Scenarios (Retired and Expired)

Data Science & Machine Learning: Data Science is one of the most demanding field, currently and we are providing following products to become a data scientist from one of the popular organization in the data world EMC

  EMC Data Science Associate : DEA-7TT2   EMC Data Science Specialist Certification Exam   Cloudera Data Scinece Certification DS200   EMC Data Science Associate Exam
  1. EMC Data Science Certification : DEA-7TT2 (New Certification)
  2. Data Science Certification EMC® E20-007 (Data Science Associate)  : Retired
  3. EMC® Data Science Specialist (E20-065)
  4. Cloudera Data Scinece DS-200 (235 Questions + 150 Page Study Notes) : Retired

MapR® Training & Certifications  : MapR is another most popular BigData solution provider based on Hadoop. These are the following certifications, which HadoopExam is providing currently.
MapR V2 Spark Developer Certification Exam     MapR Hadoop Developer Certification     MapR HBase Developer Certification
  1. MapR MCSD V2 : MapR® Certified Spark Developer V2
  2. MapR Hadoop Developer Certification
  3. MapR HBase NoSQL Certifcation
  4. MapR Package Deal

AWS Training & Certifications  : In the Cloud computing world , Amazon is a pioneer and most used Cloud Computing solutions.  Currently there are following products are provided bt HadoopExam for the AWS trainings and certifications preparation. We have been providing this matrial since last approx 5 years and many 1000s of learners already using our material to grow in their career.

 AWS Developer Certification : Associate Level     AWS Sysops Administrator Certification : Assciate Level      AWS Solution Architect Certification : Associate Level     AWS Soltion Architect : Professional Level    AWS Certified Security Specialty (SCS-C01)     AWS Professional certification Exam     AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00)     AWS Package Deal

  1. AWS  Developer  (Associate) Certifications
  2. AWS Solution Architect (Associate) Certification Simulator
  3. AWS Solution Architect (Professional) Certification Simulator
  4. AWS Sysops Administrator(Associate) Certification Simulator
  5. AWS Certified Security Specialty (SCS-C01) Certification Simulator
  6. AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty (BDS-C00)  Certification Simulator
  7. AWS Solution Architect (Associate) Certification Training
  8. AWS DevOps Professional Certification Simulator
  9. Book : AWS Solution Architect(Associate Little Guide)
  10. Book : AWS Certified Security Speciality (SCS-C01) : Little Guide 

IBM® BigData Architect : This is a multiple choice exam conducted by IBM for a BigData Architect. IBM also has Hadoop framework known as BigInsight and they will be asking Question based on BigInsight, however it is very similar to Hadoop only, because they are using Apache Hadoop framework only. As you know, IBM is the oldest and one of the matured software vendor and they have more penetration in the Industry, compare to any other BigData vendor. Hence, certifying yourself as a BigData Architect for IBM, ceratinly have high value in industry.

IBM BigData Architect

DataStax® Apache Cassandra Certification: This is a multiple choice exam conducted by DataStax for Apache Cassandra. DataStax is one of the leader in providing Apache Cassandra based solutions. Apache Cassandra is one of the most demanding and used NoSQL database across the industry. Cassandra has been used in Finance, HealthCare, Aviation, Retail, e-commerce and many more. It has proved itself with high degree of performance. However, it’s a different database and RDBMS principals does not fit with Cassandra. You certainly need to learn Cassandra Data Modeling to design database perfectly and this certification is designed towards this only. And HadoopExam had put lot of effort to create this material to help in clearing this certification exam.

Apache Cassandra Certification Apache Cassandra Certification  Cassansra 3.x Administrator Certification   Cassandra Interview Questions Audio cum Video Book

SAS®: One of the most used commercial solutions for analytics, Data science, mathematical and statistical modeling. In analytics world no other solution is close to SAS. Its leader in its field and mostly used across industry. Below are the all products provided by HadoopExam. 

SAS Base Certification Hands On Training  SAS Certified Associate: Programming Fundamentals Using SAS 9.4    SAS A00-211 Certification    SAS A00-212 Certification Questions and Answers     SAS A00 240 Certification Material     SAS A00-250 Exam Material Certification     SAS Packaged Solutions SAS Base : Interview questions and Certification prepration

  1. SAS Base Certification Professional Training
  2. SAS® Certified Associate: Programming Fundamentals Using SAS 9.4 (A00-215) : New
  3. SAS Base Programming Certification(A00-211)
  4. SAS Certified Advanced Programmer for SAS 9 Credential
  5. SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling Credential
  6. SAS Certified Platform Administrator 9 (A00-250) Certification Practice Questions
  7. SAS Package Deal

HBase Training & Certifications: HBase is a NoSQL solution based on Hadoop framework. Hence, is very well compitible with the Hadoop based solution. You should certainly learn HBase, if you are wroking in BigData world using HadoopExam. Following are the products provided by HadoopExam for HBase.

HBase Professional Traininghttp     MapR HBase Developer Certification

  1. HBase professional Training with HandsOn Sessions 
  2. MapR HBase certification preparations

Microsoft® Azure Microsoft Azure is another provider for Cloud computing solutions and also heavily used in the industry. If you are planning to make your career in Cloud computing than you should have very good understanding of the Microsoft Azure. Please find all the products and solution provided by HadoopExam for the Azure.

Azure 70-532     Azure 70 533

  1. Microsoft Azure 70-532 Developing Azure Solution Certification
  2. Microsoft Azure 70-533 Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions

Oracle Cloud , Java and Other Programing Trainings and Certifications There is no development without a programming skills. We provide trainings and certification material which will make you developer who can work in well developed IT industry, with the most demanding programming skills. So  start learning Java, Scala, Python and complete its certifications as well. Please check all the available products below.

1z0-337 Oracke Certification Exam    Java 1Z0-808 Questions and Answers     Java 1Z0-809 Questions and Answers    Java 1Z0-897 WebService Cetification     Questions for Oracle 1Z0-060 : Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Administrator    Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals     Core Java Training for 1Z0-808    

  1. Oracle 1Z0-337 Oracle Oracle Infrastructure as a Service Certified Implementation Specialist
  2. Full length HandsOn Step By Step Training for Java 1z0-808) 
  3. Scala Professional Trainings with HandsOn Session
  4. Python Professional Trainings with HandsOn Session 
  5. Java SE-8 Programmer-1 (1z0-808) Certification
  6. Java SE-8 Programmer-2 (1z0-809) 
  7. JAVA EE Web Services Developer  (1z0-897) 
  8. Oracle® 1Z0-060 : Upgrade to Oracle Database 12c Administrator
  9. Questions for Oracle 1Z0-061 : Oracle Database 12c: SQL Fundamentals
Note : You can choose more than one product to have custom package created from below and send email to hadoopexam@gmail.com to get discount

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